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[CASP]: CASP Stipend Helps One Single Mother to Make Ends Meet image

Silva Babayan, 45, is a single mother with six children who lives in one of the outer districts of Goris, a small city in Syunik Province. Her eldest daughter, Hermine, 22, is married but the rest still live at home with Silva. Twenty-seven-year-old Artyem has trouble with his eyesight. Her younger daughters, Ashkhen, 16, Qristine, 15, and Lusine, 13, are her helpers, and the youngest son, Alik, 8, is the baby of the family.

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[FAR Soup Kitchens]: Soup Kitchen Provides Huge Support to Family in Kotayq Province image

Nune Barkhyan and her three children, Levon, 18, Taguhi, 14, and Vardanush, 6, have been going to FAR's Byureghavan Soup Kitchen in Kotayq Province for the past 10 months. Like all of those who attend the kitchens, the family is no stranger to hardship. It is difficult to overcome poverty in Armenian communities like Byureghavan where industrial factories stopped operating after the fall of the Soviet Union, leaving the majority of the population out of work.

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[Child Protection]: For One Young Girl, Children’s Center is Home Away from Home image

Bright and shining, even sunny, Svetlana (or Sveta, as she is affectionately known to most) is a joy of the FAR’s Children’s Center. This 11-year-old is the only child of a single mother, 35-year-old Gayane Paramazyan. Originally from the Sisian Region, Gayane moved to Yerevan more than 10 years ago. Today, she works as launderer at Yerevan’s Military Hospital and lives in an abandoned train car located in an old industrial park in a far district of Yerevan. Conditions of the train car are as limited as one could possibly imagine with no bathroom or proper kitchen, just some space for two beds. Gayane’s $120 monthly salary isn’t enough for her to afford to rent a better place, so she leans on Center until she can find a solution.

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