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[CASP]: CASP Support Helps One Woman to Raise Her Grandchildren image

Flora Yesayan is 68 years old. She is the sole caretaker of her three grandchildren, 11-year-old Narek, 17-year-old Nune, and 20-year-old Zina. Flora can't tell the story of her family without tears that she tries to hide from young Narek. Her son died in a car crash five years ago. They then lost the children’s mother to cancer a year and a half ago. Now, the family tries to make the best of it where they live in the tiny village of Tavush, in the Berd Region.

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[GTech]: New Project Aims to Boost IT Development in Armenia’s Shirak Province image

Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia and Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech) recently partnered to start a new project. Boosting Technological Developments in Shirak Province is aimed at supporting the economic development of Shirak through skills enrichment geared toward the young, unemployed population, and through enhanced business development for the IT community.

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[CASP]: More than 500 Children Receive Financial Aid from CASP Distributions image

Five hundred children living in Armenia's Syunik, Tavush and Shirak provinces, as well as in Javakhk, recently received financial aid as part of this year’s Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP) distributions. FAR staff recently traveled to these locations where they gave out the annual stipends with support from the Fathers of Armenia's Apostolic Church serving in these cities. In Javakhk, Georgia, support was distributed with the help of Father Babken Salbian, leader of Javakhk’s vicars.

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[CASP]: The Gift of Hope image

Amidst the challenges that many families face in Armenia today, CASP has a very important mission. Families may deal with any number of struggles, including unemployment, low-income and health issues, making supplemental income support incredibly valuable for people like the Tsarukyan family. The Tsarukyans moved from the town of Artik in Shirak Province to Gyumri more than a decade ago with the hope of having access to greater job opportunities. Instead, things got harder for them. Samvel, the father of eight, died from a cardiovascular disease in 2013. Today six of the children still live with their mother Alvard. After Samvel’s death the four eldest siblings Tehmine, Ani, Anahit and Sevak, were unable to afford college after they graduated from ...

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[Armenian Life]: Armenian Palette. standard

Currently, the 20th anniversary of Armenia’s independence is being celebrated throughout the entire country. The Armenian Palette International Painting Festival is one such event, which adds to those that evoke patriotism and pride. While it was started in Karabagh, the festival is now carried out all over Armenia. Shirak province is now hosting a painting exhibition entitled “Summer Colors from the Shirak World.” More than 30 well-known painters and art students worked in Gyumri for aweek, creating roughly 150 paintings of the city. The exhibition was held at the Aslamazians Gallery, in the heart of Gyumri’s Kumairi district. Guests admired the vivid colors of the exhibition, regaining hope in the bright future of their young republic. Painters from Armenia, Karabagh, ...

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