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[FAR Health Programs]: Finding Another Way to Better Child Development in Tavush image

Doctor Olga Nazanyan holds a photo up in front of two-year-old Ono. “Hey, Ono. What’s this?” she says. “It’s a bit,” he says, shortening the word for rabbit. “And this one?” “It’s a fly.” (meaning butterfly) Dr. Nazanyan’s questions are part of a new study initiated by FAR’s healthcare team, which focuses on assessing the cognitive and mental development of toddlers (nine to 36 months old), and the ability to shape a child’s perceptual, mental, cognitive, and speech abilities.

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[BCPP]: Supporting Teach For Armenia Fellows in Border Communities image

In 2017, FAR, as part of its Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP), conducted a survey in Tavush Province to understand where the Berd Region’s public schools stood in terms of having qualified teachers. We found there was a dearth of teachers for subjects like math, chemistry, biology, English, history, etc. As a result, we developed a partnership with Teach for Armenia so that select fellows could start teaching in Berd and its surrounding communities, which is where FAR has been implementing BCPP for the past five years.

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[BCPP]: Berd Extracurricular Groups Reveal Young Talents image

As thousands of Armenian children packed their bags for summer getaways, our hobby group students find inspiration back at school. With sparkling eyes and beaming smiles, they hurry to class to paint, to learn Armenian folk music and to prepare songs and dances for performances. They especially love exploring topics such as the motherland, religion, sightseeing, favorite cartoons, and animals.

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[BCPP]: BCPP Helps Small Business Owners to Expand image

A new sub project within our Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP), which aims to provide support to smaller business owners, has already helped two local businesses to expand. After opening a call for applications nearly one year ago, FAR program managers had the difficult task of choosing the ideas of two successful candidates out of the 10 applicants who presented their plans on how to enlarge their current businesses. Selection was followed by a training on how to prepare solid business plans, and each candidate was given an interest-free loan and a grant to carry it out.

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[BCPP]: Economic Development Through the Improvement of Rural Infrastructure image

FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP) is about to close another successful year. Throughout 2015, the project team continued to improve rural infrastructure in Tavush’s border region of Berd. Most recently, FAR collaborated with the Global Environmental Facility’s Small Grants Program, UNDP and the Berd Women’s Resource Center, on the renovation and expansion of the local irrigation system, which now covers 70 hectares of land and enables farmers of Berd region to regularly water their crops with ease. The project has made a difference for Aghvan Matevosyan, who just moved back to his home town of Tavush Village from Yerevan about a year ago when he saw some of the work BCPP was doing. Seeing the potential to make a ...

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[FAR Scholarships]: Keeping His Sights Set on Home standard

Avetik Nersisyan prefers work to his studies. The Tavush native is currently a student in Yerevan, however, he’s not interested in staying there for the long run. “It’s difficult to attract people to Tavush Province. It’s a border region with no war, but also no peace. But I think it is possible to cope with this problem,” he said. “Many people want to move to the capital from their villages; others even want to go live abroad. But they seem to easily forget that those villages are their home. They are the places where their parents were born. I, for one, cannot live in Yerevan. Nature is closer to my heart.” A senior at Armenia’s State Institute of Economics, Avetik ...

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[BCPP]: Boosting Production, Building Communities standard

Vineyards are big in Tavush Province, particularly in the Berd Region, which is a focus of wine and brandy producers. While they can be lucrative, it takes a much effort to make productivity thrive. “To prevent a downward trend and preserve the region’s rich tradition of viticulture FAR was looking for ways in which it could positively and effectively intervene. As it turned out Pernod Ricard, a French company that owns Ararat Brandy factory in Yerevan and its branch in Tavush, was concerned with the same issue,” said Economic Development Project Manager Eric Baghdasaryan. Through its Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP), FAR and Planet Finance, an international development NGO outsourced by Pernod Ricard, developed a partnership through which ...

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[Science and Education]: Ensuring Conditions for Healthy Activities in Berd standard

The Chinchin village school in Berd region will soon have a renovated gym. Students will be able to play basketball and volleyball, and hold proper PE classes there. Nare Antonyan, 17, is a 2014 graduate of the school and will soon test her knowledge as she applies to college in the nation’s capital Yerevan. While Nare will hardly have the chance to enjoy the shiny new gym at her beloved school, she is happy that her village mates will have the chance instead. “It is not just about me, but also my friends. They will play in the renovated gym and I will be happy for them,” Nare says with a sweet smile. Until then, the students in Chinchin play ...

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