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[BCPP]: “Young Astronomers” from Berd Rewarded with a Visit to Famous Observatory image

For the past four years FAR has cooperated with Byurakan through a partnership that has brought schoolchildren to the observatory during their vacation to explore its many facilities, interact with local researchers, observe the sky through the telescope, and also do some nearby trekking.

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[BCPP]: Bringing Astrophysics to the Students of Armenia’s Border Villages image

May 6th was a special day for the high school school students as well as the physics and astronomy teachers of Berd City and its surrounding border villages in Tavush Province when they hosted Dr. Areg Mickaelian, vice director of Byurakan Observatory and co-chairman of the Armenian Astronomical Society. It was Dr. Mickaelian’s first visit to the region, during which he gave a one-day training called “Our Understanding of the Universe.”

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