Art Critic and FAR Press Secretary Levon Lachikyan recently opened his fifth personal exhibition at the Espaces Youth Center* in Yerevan.

The exhibition, which is entitled “Crossroads,” was compiled from Levon’s graphic works of various European cities, including Paris, Marseilles, Vienna, Venice and Prague, as well as many from various towns in Armenia like Gyumri, Goris and Meghri, among others.

“My purpose is to show that beauty is a universal value, but its location is not important,” Levon said in his opening speech. In Levon’s works the buildings are not merely simple stone structures. They represent a creative environment, where the intellectual thoughts of man develop. The graphic works really convince the audience to love the cozy corners of Armenia and the broader world.

Levon’s next exhibition is expected to open at the National Assembly in September, after which he aims to organize exhibition tours in Diasporan communities.

*The Espaces Youth Center was founded by KASA Swiss Humanitarian Foundation. The center is aimed at promoting Armenian youth involvement in civil society development in Armenia through its educational and cultural programs.

Watch video taken of the exhibition.