FAR has announced this year’s recipients of the Mathevosian Scholarship Program. Educational program staff recently made home visits to applicants’ homes to conduct interviews before selecting the winners. Deputy Director Margarit Piliposyan congratulated these 13 happy students during a recent meeting, “It is a great honor to receive the Mathevosian Scholarship, as it is given only to the most brilliant students. Your first and most important responsibility is to study well and be successful in your study. Only with excellent academic progress and professional skills will you benefit your homeland and contribute into its development, and thus justify the hopes of the program’s benefactor Ms. Anoush Mathevosian.”

The FAR Mathevosian Scholarship Program has a 15-year history. The scholarship is provided to students from socially vulnerable families who study at state universities, including Yerevan State University, the Armenian State University of Economics, the Armenian State Agrarian University, and Armenian State Polytechnic University.

On behalf of FAR, we wish the best of luck to all Mathevosiantsis.

Staff visited Seda Hovhannesyan’s home in the border village of Pshatavan, in the Armavir region

Visit to Seda Hovhannesyan's home in border village Pshatavan, Armavir regionFAR’s Educational Council meets

FAR Educational Council's meetingThis year’s Mathevosian scholars sign their contracts

Mathevosian new scholars sign contractsFAR selected 13 promising students to be the recipients of this year’s Mathevosian scholarship.

Mathevosian new scholarsCredit: Eduard Karapetyan