For 20 years our homeland has been following its path of independent statehood. This is our opportunity to pass on to the next generation the values we have inherited from our forefathers and our ancestors’ efforts and hard work – creating, protecting and establishing a free and independent Armenia. In the course of that time, the diaspora’s role and importance has always been great.

We saw this once again when FAR had the honor of meeting Mr. Jerar and Mrs. Anahit Nishanian, founders of the Jerar Nishanian Foundation Scholarship, along with the foundation’s board members Vicken Aykazian; Father Vertanes Kalayjian, Pastor of St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church in Washington, DC.; and his wife Anahit Kalajian, during their recent visit to Armenia.

During the last 10 years, the Jerar Nishanian Foundation Scholarship has supported a great number of socially vulnerable students from Armenian Engineering University, the State University of Architecture and Construction, and Gavar State University. More than 100 students have already obtained higher educations and currently work in various fields, thus contributing to the development of their homeland. Currently, 53 students from the Gegharkunik region are involved in the program.

Mr. Nishanian’s visit coincided with the recent celebrations dedicated to Armenia’s 20th Anniversary of independence. He participated in all events organized within the framework of the celebration, and he also attended the Pan Armenian Conference of the Leaders and Representatives of Diaspora Organizations.

Mr. Nishanian had a remarkable meeting with GSU students.  Apart from delivering messages of acknowledgement, the students in their speeches assured him that they would make every effort to maintain the honorable “Nishaniantsi” title. Most of them talked a little bit about themselves and described their situations, emphasizing what a great role the scholarship program has played in their lives. GSU graduates of previous years also came to greet their benefactor and share with him their accomplishments. “I have no greater reward than seeing your happy faces,” Mr. Nishanian said in the speech he addressed to students. “Today’s meeting once again convinced me that this is the right contribution to the development of the homeland. Being aware of your achievements I am happy to see that an educated and worthy generation is growing up.”

During his visit Mr. Nishanian became acquainted with the conditions of GSU’s buildings. He also learned that the students are in need of a dormitory, so he promised to make a financial contribution toward the renovation of the university’s dorm, a great surprise indeed. The students showed their elation through their endless applause and words of thanks.

In appreciation of Jerar Nishanian’s great contribution in the spheres of education and maintenance of the Armenian national identity, he was awarded with gold medals from Armenia’s Ministry of Science and Education  and the Ministry of the Diaspora.  All of us at FAR wish to congratulate this great man. God bless you, Mr. Nishanian.

GSU rector Ruzanna Hakobyan gives gifts to Jerar Nishanian
GSU rector Ruzanna Hakobyan gives gifts to JN - FOR BLOG Credit: Eduard Karapetyan Jerar Nishanian with GSU  students
JN with GSU Best students - FOR BLOGMeeting with GSU students - FOR BLOGKarine Harutyunyan, deputy educational and science minister of
Armenia presents the gold medal
Karine Harutyunyan RA Educational and Science  deputy minister gives gold medal - FOR BLOG Hranush Hakobyan, minister of the diaspora, also presents a
gold medal to Mr. Nishanian
Hranush Hakobyan RA MINISTER OF DIASPORA gives gold medal - FOR BLOG Credit: Eduard KarapetyanCredit: Eduard Karapetyan