By Gayane Gevorgyan

Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH) recently hosted the wonderful choir “Autumn Sounds.” Its singers are all members of the Old Yerevantsi Resident’s Association NGO, which is nearly seven years old. There are 30 members, most of whom are women. The group varies in age, and the participants also come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds. Yet, any differences between them do not prevent members from uniting through song and spreading their kindness all around.

Autumn Sounds’ art director is engineering professor Karlen Babayan. In spite of the lack of any musical education, he has written many beautiful songs, some of which were performed for VOAH residents during their visit. Compositions by Khachatur Avetisyan, Barsegh Kanachyan, and others were also performed. The concert concluded with “Lord’s Prayer” by Komitas.

After the concert ended, the group stayed until evening, dancing, singing and talking with residents. Some even took walks around the VOAH premises.

All were in a festive mood when Autumn Sounds came to visit VOAH.

all are in festive mood, dancingThe eldest member of Autumn Sounds sings the Russian song Katyusha

Autumn sounds oldest member sings Russian song Katyusha

Singing Autumn Marsh by Karlen Babayan

Choir sings Autumn Marsh by Karlen BabayanVOAH resident Grandma Nina with choir member

Grandma Nina dancing with Autumn Sounds choir memberChoir leader Karlen Babyan addresses the crowd.

Karlen Babayan, head of Autumn Sounds choirCredit: Gayane Gevorgyan