After noting a rise in volunteer activity among our scholarship students, many have come forward with some of their own suggestions for ways they can contribute to FAR’s programs. For Gulamerian Scholarship recipient  Ani Cherbechyan and Mathevosian Scholarship recipient Satenik Hovhannisyan, this meant establishing a folk dance program at the FAR Children’s Center. Both girls have previously worked with the Center and have experience as dancers. Now, twice a week the children take part in dance training, which also familiarizes them with the history of Armenian national dance. The children eagerly look forward to each and every session.

Gulamerian scholarship recipient Ani Cherbechyan teaches
Center children the elements of Armenian national dance.

Twice a week, scholarship recipients Ani Cherbechyan and
Satenik Hovhannisyan teach dance at the FAR Children’s Center.
Children eagerly look forward to each and every lesson.
Credit: FAR Staff