By Naira Hambardzumyan

Recently, the six recipients of FAR’s Ester Ajemian Scholarship successfully defended their master’s theses. These six diligent students hail from various regions of Armenia and they are the first young Armenians to complete their degrees with the assistance of this scholarship, which aims to support aspiring female journalists.

Betkhehem Arabyan, who comes from the Javakhk, is now working at the news service. Manya Poghosyan from Masis is employed at news service. After graduating from Armenia State Pedagogical University, Satenik Asatryan has returned to the Syunik region to work at a radio station in Kapan. I am currently working at the Information and Public Relations Department of Armenia’s Ministry of Defense. In addition, I’m a correspondent for the weekly newspaper Eter. Naira Guloyan is a journalist working for, and Shoghik Galstyan is still searching for the right job.

As young journalists who are making their first steps in this profession, we are so fortunate to be highly qualified and endowed with excellent knowledge and skills. We are fully aware of the importance of our profession for our society and our nation. We will do our best to serve our country by dedicating ourselves to our work, shedding light on the issues that concern our people, and by being thorough professionals. We are certain that after obtaining our master’s degrees we are now able to better compete in the labor market and our investigations will assist in the formation and development of a stronger civil society for Armenia.
My dream was to become a journalist. I can now say with certainty that all of our dreams came true thanks to the Ester Ajemian Scholarship Program.

Ester Ajemian Scholarship Program beneficiary Naira Hambardzumyan is a proud graduate of Yerevan State University’s journalism department.

FAR’s Ester Ajemian Scholarship recipients (left to right)
Manya Poghosyan, Betghehem Arabyan, Naira Hambardzumyan,
Shoghik Galstyan and Satenik Astryan.

Betghehem Arabyan (left) and Satenik Asatryan visit
FAR’s offices with their diplomas.
Naira Hambardzumyan speaks with a resident of Vanadzor Old Age Home.

Credit: FAR Staff