On their first day in Yerevan, the FAR Young Professionals visited FAR’s Yerevan office. FAR Deputy Country Director Margarit Piliposyan gave an overview of FAR programs and projects. Trip participants responded with several questions, mainly about FAR’s Child Protection and Social Services programs. Many also asked to attend one of Gyumri’s Soup Kitchens. Several students from Yerevan State University who have received scholarships from FAR were also present during the meeting. Anna Maria Gibson who works at ABC News Radio of NY brought caps for the students and talked to them about starting an Armenian Journalists Association. Some of the FAR Young Professionals also expressed interest in volunteering for FAR in the future. The Young Professionals will next visit the FAR Children’s Center in Yerevan.

The FAR 2012 Young Professionals Trip participants at FAR’s offices in Yerevan.

Credit: FAR Staff