By Tamar Gasparian

On June 20th, the Young Professionals Trip participants visited the FAR Children’s Center. After getting a tour of the facility from Executive Director Mira Antonyan, several children put on a dance performance. Another group played piano and gave a little concert, singing songs by Komitas. The Young Professionals also visited a few of the children in the art therapy studio and were able to enjoy the children’s amazing silk paintings that appear in many rooms throughout the Center. The visit concluded with a meeting with Dr. Antonyan, where they learned more details about the Center’s mission and history.

The group left with mixed emotions — many were sad to see so many children in Armenia who have been abandoned and abused. Still, they were inspired to learn that FAR is taking care of them and that the FAR Children’s Center is unique as it fulfills a crucial gap as the only organization in Armenia that provides shelter, rehabilitation and support for children in crisis. While these children have gone through so much, in their eyes one can see that they still have hope for the future.

The Young Professionals tour the Center with the children.

Credit: Vard Baghdasaryan