Recently, Aram V. Chobanian, President Emeritus of Boston University and Dean Emeritus of Boston University School of Medicine, was in Armenia for an important week of meetings within the Board of Directors of the Fund for Armenian Relief. Upon learning of his visit, the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia together with American University of Armenia’s Center for Health Services Research and Development seized the wonderful opportunity to host this notable figure as a guest lecturer to AUA.

Dr. Chobanian, who founded the Whitaker Cardiovascular Institute at the Boston University School of Medicine, delivered a lecture on the Control of Hypertension as a Major Public Health Challenge for Armenia in the Alex and Marie Manoogian Hall of AUA.

“Dr. Chobanian’s lecture was excellent and provided importance both from clinical point and from health care needs,” said Professor Hamayak Sisakian, Head of the Cardiology Clinic at “Heratsi” University Hospital N1. “We had a new vision to an old problem, which is studied very widely. But from this lecture we accepted new understandings of rational therapy of arterial hypertension.”

Head of the Health programs of the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia and Associate Professor at the Department of Plastic Reconstructive Microsurgery Dr. Gevorg Yaghjyan was also impressed by the talk. “Dr. Chobanian’s master class on hypertension is a shining example of delivering a scientific message that is accessible not only to the medical community but also to the general public. Through the practice of hypertension prevention, we can lessen the epidemic of heart disease in Armenia. Dr. Chobanian’s talk drove home the message that in order to be a competitive nation, we must first be a healthy one. I am very grateful to Dr. Chobanian for finding the time in his busy schedule to deliver this great and important lecture.”

FAR staff members were also glad that such an invaluable session was organized for the benefit of the Armenian medical community, including the medical students who look up to Dr. Chobanian as an esteemed role model.

The event has been comprehensively reflected on the AUA website and the CHSR website.