New-York based attorney Anahid Ugurlayan runs a marathon to support a charity each year. This year, she raised funds for two charities at the Hamptons Marathon: the Armenian Relief Society and the Fund for Armenian Relief.

Anahid has been a supporter of FAR for many years. She first witnessed its deep investment in Armenia’s vulnerable population and promotion of individual rights during her first trip in Armenia in 2002 with the Young Professionals. In 2005 she ran the NYC Marathon to benefit the FAR Children’s Center. This year, she ran for FAR’s soup kitchens.

On the unusually humid and damp fall morning of September 29, Anahid braved the poor running conditions of her 8th marathon to proudly support ARS and FAR. She reflects, “I simply ignored the pain and the weather and focused on two things — the charities I was running for and running the best race I could.  I remembered the beautiful faces of the elderly men and women I met when I visited the FAR Soup Kitchen in Gyumri in 2002 and 2010 and the children in Hadrut for whom the ARS Sosse Kindergarten is a second home.”

Anahid’s high spirits, as well as encouragement and generous donations from her friends and family saw her through to the finish line in 5:17.45.

Anahid remarks that “we can all make a difference in the lives of others and it need not be on a big scale.” Indeed, we wholeheartedly thank her and her fans for raising funds for FAR’s nutritional programs. Together, we will help disadvantaged families and the elderly of Armenia lead a life of dignity and respect.