A few months ago, FAR staff members and music students crossed the threshold of a school that was almost ready to welcome the children who had long been waiting to find themselves in a renovated place where their music will resound in fresh tones. Now, the school is finally ready for its children – with an opening ceremony held yesterday on May 23.

Here in the town of Oshakan a great deal of work has been done over the past months under the daily supervision of FAR. Seeing the brand-new look of the school today, it’s hard to recall the former appearance of its building that had appeared in an extremely dilapidated condition.

The simple story of how FAR received the financial means to reconstruct the music school for the people of Oshakan starts and ends with Mrs. Nadya Poladian. An elderly woman of Armenian descent, she decided to move from her New York home to Florida some years ago. She wished to donate her property in such a way that would benefit children in Armenia and sought FAR to help her in her benevolent mission. Thus, she came to fund the rebuilding of a locus of musical development for the children of Oshakan in her faraway homeland. Mrs. Poladian wished to dedicate her bighearted initiative to the memory of her late husband Migirdic.

Many thanks are also due to Mrs. Tamar Kayserian from New York, who voluntarily assumed many responsibilities and coordinated the process through which the donation reached its goal. Now all of the united efforts shall bear fruit in this famous town, which in itself is a pilgrimage site, being the burial place of St. Mesrob Mashtots. Hundreds and hundreds of music lovers will enjoy both the Armenian culture and other cultures expressed through music in a brand new hall.