Friends of Gavar Special School recently presented the gift of a van to Gavar Special School #1 in Gegharquniq Marz. Fully equipped with winter-ready tires, the van was presented by Friends Chairman Krikor Krikorian during a small ceremony on the grounds that was also broadcast on Qyavar TV in Armenia.

Larisa Zazyan, Director of Gavar Special School, opened the ceremony with words of gratitude for the Friends group, which is based in New York. The school is delighted to have the support of the fund, which greatly contributes to improving the children’s learning environment and development. Gavar Special School #1, which is in major need of improvements, serves 60 disabled children. With this new gift, the school will be able to safely transport the children to and from home and to various outings.

The ceremony, attended by municipality and government officials, was very exciting for everyone present, especially for the children. Eleven-year-old Armine prepared a small rhyme with words of thanks. She also presented a small gift as a thank you to the Friends group on behalf of all students.

Hambardzum Safaryan, a representative from the local municipality, spoke with appreciation about the successful cooperation between FAR and the Gegharquniq Municipality, which contributed significantly to the improvement of the living conditions for children with disabilities. A beautiful song performed by the students closed the ceremony.

More changes are in store for the Gavar School. A fundraising effort through Ayo! is in the works in order to install an elevator. In addition, the sports hall is under construction thanks to a generous donation from the Primate of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America, Archbishop Khajag Barsamian.