“I don’t like boasting about myself and my abilities but when I work I do my very best,

With her new hairdryer, scissors and combs Qristine Petrosyan, 18, is equipped with the tools she needs to start her new job at one of Yerevan’s salons. A FAR Gulamerian Scholarship recipient, Qristine was able to successfully complete a 4-month training course in hair styling in order to land her first job in her chosen profession. FAR also recently presented her the styling tools she needed as a gift.

Qristine’s relationship with FAR goes back to her childhood when she would spend summers at the FAR Children’s Center. After her mother’s death, her father was unable to take care of Qristine and her sisters during their boarding school holidays so they were put into the care of the Center staff. Things at home grew progressively worse and she moved into Gavar Orphanage during her last three years of high school because her father could no longer care for his children. While there, she applied for the Gulamerian Scholarship, which specifically supports older orphans* through tuition coverage and stipends for university studies or vocational training.

“I earned high grades in school yet preferred to be a hairdresser as I like this profession very much. I knew that whatever I chose to study I would ultimately work as a stylist,” Qristine said after receiving her styling tools from FAR’s program staff. Slowly, and with a big smile on her face, she lovingly examined the items one by one.

“During my study at the training center everybody would talk about how hard it is to find a job in Yerevan as a stylist. Yet I knew somehow that I would find one quickly after graduation. It happened, as I made a list of all of the vacancies and started calling salons. My second call was successful,” she said, happily and with a hint of pride. “I don’t like boasting about myself and my abilities but when I work I do my very best. At the final presentation during our graduation ceremony at the training center my haircut was the most beautiful.”

All of us at FAR wish you the best of luck at your new job and in your future, Qristine. Determined and brave young ladies like you deserve the best in life.

*In Armenia, children are considered to be orphans once they move into an orphanage, even if their parents do not officially disown them.