One of the best parts of our work are the compassionate supporters whose dedication knows no bounds. They inspire us, day after day, year after year.

In continuation of their years of previous support, the Friends of Gavar Special School of New York accomplished a great deal in 2016. They funded the renovations of the school’s roof, five new dorm rooms, and the kitchen and cafeteria for which they also purchased new equipment.

They also made it possible to install two water tanks in bathrooms on the second story of the building, as well as renovate the entire floor’s ceramic tile. To support the school’s staff members they also purchased two washing machines.

During his last visit to the school, FAR’s Science and Education Programs Manager Edik Karapetyan took with him the gifts of new, warm winter clothes for kids that were purchased with support of the Friends Group, especially Asbet and Sona Melkonian. Students were so happy to receive the presents.

“Distributing warm clothes was very timely as the cold winter had already started in Gavar,” said Edik. “We also took the two washing machines there on the same trip, which is a great assistance to the school. Mrs. Marine, the laundry room worker, couldn’t hide her emotions. She was very grateful to the school’s benefactors for supporting them again.”

Students were waiting for FAR representatives with their own nice present as well. That day they had a beautiful event dedicated to the history of Armenian bread. Delicious dishes and Armenian bread and lavash that the kids prepared with the help of their teachers filled the room. Children talked about the traditions of bread making, stories, proverbs, and they sang songs.

They even demonstrated a ceremony from a traditional Armenian wedding, which is when the bride and the groom return to the groom’s house and the mother-in-law greets them with lavash and honey. Eating a spoonful of honey symbolizes happiness, and the lavash on their shoulders is for good luck.

“All those changes are a huge assistance to the school and more importantly for the kids who enjoy it,” said Edik.

Have a look below at some of the photos from the students’ performance. Enjoy!