Dr. Vehanush Marukhyan has defied the odds stacked against her, using education as the tool to propel herself forward. The eldest of three daughters, Vehanush grew up in poverty. “My father was unemployed and my mother could hardly care for us on her low salary as a chemistry teacher back then. I would never have been able to study if it not for FAR and the Mathevosian Scholarship,” said Vehanush. “Really, if it wasn’t for FAR I wouldn’t have my bachelor’s.”

In 2003, Vehanush was awarded the Mathevosian Scholarship that enabled her to be able to go to college during a very trying time for her family. At the time her father had recently lost his job and her mother was working hard to support her three children, husband, along with two sisters-in-law.

Vehanush is also one of the scientists who received our Armenian National Science and Education Fund (ANSEF) grants this year.

Vehanush started out studying at Yerevan State University’s (YSU) Faculty of Economics and Management where she received her bachelor’s degree in 2007. (She always had high marks which is a must to keep any FAR scholarship.) It was during that time that she discovered her love of math. In 2009, she started working as a lecturer at the university and in 2016 she received her PhD in economics.

Vehanush was an active scholarship student. She volunteered to help many of FAR’s projects, including Vanadzor Old Age Home. She supported orphaned children and helped at soup kitchens. An active student, she was involved in many public and social projects at YSU as well.

Currently, she is a lecturer at the Department of Mathematical Modeling in Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Management at YSU. Vehanush also works at Mkhitaryan Educational Complex as a high school informatics teacher and teaches at IATC Accounting Center.

“We were very proud to learn that Vehanush’s application was selected to be among best and she received the ANSEF grant. I congratulate her warmly and wish her all the best of luck,” said Edik Karapetyan, our Science and Education Programs Manager.

Vehanush’s research’s focuses on how the structural changes of the energy market impact the electricity tariffs of Armenia.

“Like Vehanush, so many of our Mathevosian Scholarship students have proven themselves to be successful and have registered progress. Those examples are encouraging and make us proud, we are indeed investing in Armenia’s future with FAR’s multiple Scholarship Programs” he added.

“This is really a great opportunity for me and my colleagues as young scientists to conduct scientific research in the field of energy and to obtain practical results. This is my first achievement in the scientific field, which is both encouraging and compelling,” Vehanush said.