The eyes are responsible for 80% of all the information our brain receives. However, with age, vision diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma become an increasingly common struggle, resulting in poor vision and thus a darker and less familiar world to those afflicted.

FAR’s fundraising platform, Ayo!, has launched a new project aimed at providing eye care for the impoverished elderly. The project has targeted 781 poverty-stricken beneficiaries who attend FAR’s five different soup kitchens located in Yerevan, Gyumri, Nor Hajn, Byureghavan, and Berd.

Since 1995, FAR has tried to ensure that groups like the elderly and the poverty-stricken live a more dignified life. One of the major challenges the elderly must deal with is caused by their failing eye-sight. Ayo! and the Armenian Eye Care Project (AECP) joined resources for the shared goal of providing free eye examinations to these 781 beneficiaries. Based on the results, the beneficiaries will later be provided with eyeglasses free of charge.

With your support, our grandmas and grandpas won’t miss the most important moments in their lives. So, let’s build a better future for our elderly to see the incredible change that can result from our passion. Say Ayo! to Care for Eye Care!