Today, more than 30 IT companies operate in Gyumri. These companies are often what keeps many Gyumretzi working and contributing to their home town, or what calls back many of whom left years ago. Karen Gasparyan is one of them. After three years in Yerevan, the GTech graduate returned to his hometown, found a job, and recently established his own company.

Karen graduated from Shirak Regional College with a degree in systems networking before joining the Faculty of Information Technologies at the State Engineering University of Armenia’s (SEUA) Gyumri Branch as a second-year student. One year later, he was admitted to FAR’s Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech).

“At GTech, I studied web programming for the first year, and Java programming during my second year. Before graduation I already had a job offer from one of Yerevan’s IT companies,” recalled Karen.

Right after graduation, in 2014, he left for Yerevan and worked at companies like SCDM Armenia and EGS-Energize Global Services, all the while chipping away at his master’s degree at SEUA.

Over time, through his experience with the implementation of various programs and projects, the young specialist realized that there were, in fact, many job opportunities in his hometown as well. “When I realized that by staying in Gyumri one can find a good job and be paid well, I decided to return. When I graduated, there were no Java programming-based companies in Gyumri, and now there are some,” he said. “Not only did I come back because there were jobs but I did so with the strong intention to open my own company.”

Karen is currently teaching Java programming at GTech, and building the team for his newly opened company IT Space, which focuses on Java and web programming.

Way to go, Karen!