We at FAR are proud and delighted to announce that our own Amalya Yeghoyan has been appointed to the role of Deputy Minister of Transport, Communication, and Information Technologies of Armenia.

Amalya, 33, started her career at Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech) in 2007, just two years after FAR opened the institution. At that time, IT in Gyumri was in an embryonic stage of dial-up Internet access, with neither infrastructure nor experts. However, we at FAR believed that if we could help the younger generation to obtain coding and programming skills, we could also bolster IT development and bring it to Gyumri. Amalya became an integral part of that journey.

We have seen Amalya grow rapidly from Education Programs Coordinator to Executive Director of GTech. Since 2007, she has become a staunch supporter of IT development in Armenia who has advocated for changes, not only in Gyumri and Armenia but also in many countries abroad.

Thanks to her leadership skills, perseverance, and effective communication, GTech has grown from an educational hub to a leading IT Cluster, where young people not only learn coding but also build the skills and confidence necessary to become leaders in business. It’s no coincidence that the bios of GTech graduates are eligible and responsible experts who put the client’s requirements first. Among the Center’s business partners are renowned organizations like the World Bank and the European Union.

Amalya Yeghoyan could be a true role model for many young women who have an innate ability to dream big, overcome challenges, and become great leaders, even in a male-dominated society like ours.

It’s with much sadness but also joy that we learn you will continue on your path of IT development in Armenia in your new position of Deputy Minister.

Congratulations on this terrific change and good luck in your endeavors, Amalya jan!