Fifteen-year-old Nvard Gevorgyan never gives up. She is a true warrior, but too modest to brag. Instead, her parents speak up on her behalf. Nvard lives in Yeghipatrush Village in Aragatsotn Province, along with her parents, two brothers, and her sister. Now in 10th grade, she continually gets all As.

Nvard has suffered from clubfoot since birth, which, for most of her life, has rendered her unable to walk properly. She has avoided doing any kind of physical activity at school. She would get tired just walking home, unable to keep up with the other kids in her village. Recently, however, she underwent surgery thanks to help from FAR’s Child Poverty Reduction Program, which provided 24 children with disabilities with free medical exams and treatment during 2017. The program, which was previously implemented solely in Ararat Province and has since expanded, gives medical help to children in all provinces of Armenia.

Still recovering at the hospital, Nvard keeps herself engrossed in her books so as not to fall behind in her studies. “I want to go to university and study Armenian language and literature. I don’t have any concrete career dreams yet, but I am so interested in learning more about the world and about life. I want to visit new, bigger cities, to see new things,” she said.

Nvard’s family is struggling financially, deep in debt after taking loans out to try and save their family farm. “I was hoping that God would not leave us alone. I had faith in the Lord that everything would be fine, and I was right,” said Nvard’s father, Norayr, referring to FAR’s financial support.

While Nvard had a similar surgery two years ago, she was told by doctors that several surgeries would be needed to correct the problem. However, her family was unable to afford the second operation and were happy to learn that Nvard would receive financial help through FAR’s program.

“I can’t just say ‘thank you.’ I feel more than mere appreciation. I wish the patron of this project tons of joy and happiness,” said Nvard’s mother, Hayastan.

FAR’s Child Poverty Reduction Program is funded by the Arpine and Arda Hovnanian Charitable Fund.