Little Hovsep Hajian is truly a hero. Just six years old, he has already been through 12 surgeries on his hands and feet. While he’s camera shy and doesn’t like to chat with strangers, he’s been brave enough to fight disease for much of his young life.

Hovsep was born with arthrogryposis, a muscular-skeletal disease, which is pronounced in the deformity of limbs, and the insufficient development of joints and muscles, among other things, which makes it difficult and painful for him to walk.

In 2017, he underwent surgical treatment on his foot at the Scientific Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics thanks to assistance from FAR’s Child Poverty Reduction Program. FAR’s support also helped Hovsep’s family afford a metallic foot fixator, which helps with rehabilitation, recovery and maintaining the effects of the surgery. Last year, 24 children like Hovsep received health care services and surgical assistance thanks to the program.

“We applied for financial assistance to various government offices as well as other organizations, but no one extended a hand. We were on the waiting list for a long time until the doctor called us to say that FAR would cover the operation costs. The news made us very happy; it was a tremendous support,” said Hovsep’s father, Grigor, a taxi driver and the sole breadwinner for the family who just welcomed their fourth baby.

We all wish you a speedy recovery, little hero!

FAR’s Child Poverty Reduction Program is sponsored by the Arpine and Arda Hovnanian Fund.