As part of FAR’s brand-new Training of Artsakh Regional Nurses Program, a Training of Trainers course (ToT) kicked off in Yerevan on April 3rd.

The two-phase program, made possible thanks to the visionary generosity of the Nazarian Family Foundation, is a part of FAR’s Continuing Medical Education Program (CME). It aims to empower more than 400 nurses from Artsakh over the course of three years.

Its first phase is the 14-day ToT, which is designed to train seven nurses and four doctors in a community nursing program, which would allow them to expand their responsibilities in terms of diagnostics, treatment and overall healthcare management. Participants have been selected by the Artsakh Ministry of Healthcare. The ToT curriculum includes interactive theoretical and practical courses taught at Armenia’s National Institute of Health (NIH) in Yerevan and other relevant medical centers.

“There are many communities in Artsakh where the sole health care providers are regional nurses. They have to act as family doctors and what’s more, they have to do it with limited resources.
It makes this program more than urgent in term of providing them with new information and techniques on new medical approaches and procedures. It is not accidental that the need for the program was pointed out by Artsakh’s Ministry of Health,” said FAR Health Programs Director Doctor Hambardzum Simonyan.

Training materials were jointly developed by the NIH and the Jinishian Memorial Foundation. Participants are provided with accommodation, stipends for transportation, and food expenses.

The second phase will start right after the completion of the ToT and will enable participants to deliver 20-day courses to groups of 15 to 17 nurses. A total of 120 nurses will be trained in four regions of Artsakh — Hadrut, Martakert, Qashatagh and Qarvachar — during 2018.