Each year on April 24, FAR Scholarship students visit Tsitsernakaberd, the Genocide Memorial in Yerevan, to commemorate the victims of 1915.

As an Armenian-American humanitarian and development organization, FAR takes the responsibility of leading the student group.

Lida Tadevosyan is working on her master’s degree at Yerevan State University with the help of the Mathevosian Scholarship. She has joined the march for the last five years, ever since she started university. Sometimes members of her family join her. This year, it was her mom.

“My parents’ grandmothers and grandfathers were genocide survivors and it is very important for me to visit the memorial. This is our tribute to their memory,” Lida said.
Below are some photos from the march. Also, please read a message from our Executive Director Garnik Nanagoulian:

“While we never forget the horrible Genocide that happened to our people over a century ago, this is the day when we can feel the weight of it bearing down on us.

The atrocities that happened could have extinguished our light as a people. And still today, there are forces trying to delegitimize us, to continue to live in denial of the atrocities that have occurred. We know that giving up is not an option. As a people, we continue to prove that we cannot and we will not be swayed. In our solidarity we will continue to pursue justice and keep the narrative of our history alive.

And just as paying homage to the past is important, so is building the future. To remain strong, we must support our community, and most importantly, the younger generation of contemporary Armenia, which is forcefully making its demands heard for a better future. We will continue the important work of helping one another by empowering the people of Armenia.”