For the past 13 years, Police Major Kristine Petrosyan has been working at the FAR Children’s Center at least two days a week. Kristine graduated from the Police Academy in 2000, and has been working with children since 2005.

Her day at the Center kicks off at 9 am with a daily meetup and briefing. “Our 10-15 minute briefings contain important information about every child at the Center and week-to-week action plans. Then I juggle several tasks which usually come up during the day,” stated Kristine, who added that the officers on staff deal with different children and cases on a daily basis. “We often find ourselves in the middle of family disputes. We stand between parents and relatives who fight, and we have to protect the child by any and all means.”

Kristine is one of five police officers on the team who work security at the Center. Dressed in plainclothes to avoid intimidating any of the children, they try to be as approachable as possible. And while they have an office, Kristine prefers to be with the children, to play and talk to them. “It’s important for children to know their rights, however they should also know their responsibilities,” she said. By staying and working at the Center, Kristine has settled for a lower rank in the police department. With her experience, she could have become a lieutenant colonel by now, however she prefers to keep her job with children rather than move up in rank.

“I am not willing to leave my job. At the end of the day, rank isn’t the most important thing to me. I love my job and the Center, and I want to stay,” she said.

FAR Children’s Center, the only institution in Armenia that performs crisis intervention and rehabilitation, provides a safe shelter for at-risk children through a process of prevention, protection and recovery.

FAR Children’s Center is sponsored by the Edward and Helen Mardigian Foundation, the Friends of the FAR Children’s Center (U.S.) and the Children’s Center Circle of Friends (Armenia).