Improving education in border villages like Chinari and Verin Karmiraghbyur has been FAR’s focus since we commenced our multi-faceted Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP) in 2013. Proper educational resources are a part of this, making school rehabilitation a critical piece of BCPP’s educational program.

Most recently, thrilled school children, teachers, and parents gathered for a ribbon-cutting for the official opening of the renovated and refurbished technology classrooms and open-air sports ground at these two Tavush Province schools. More than 250 children will benefit from the improvements.

“As part of BCPP, we opened an extracurricular embroidery group six years ago. Now, these children’s works (blankets, covers, and kitchen accessories) are even being sold at small exhibitions in Moscow. With these new and modern sewing machines and engraving tools, they will develop their skills. As for the sports ground, the schoolchildren are in high spirits; they rush to work out during every break, which is good for developing a healthy lifestyle,” said Chinari School Principal Greta Dallakyan.

New equipment will enable children to learn embroidery and sewing, as well as wood carving.

BCPP focuses greatly on investment in the children of region, empowering them with the tools they need to create better futures for themselves and their communities. Improving education and its accessibility is a key component of the project, and finding creative outlets in an area where there are few to no opportunities is a part of that.

During the ceremony, FAR’s Education and Science Programs Director Eduard Karapetyan highlighted FAR’s support and contribution to the education of rural schoolchildren. “It’s our pride to see these children happy and fulfilled. We’ll certainly share your words of gratitude to the program’s generous donor, the Mardigian family,” said Edik.

Renovations of chemistry and physics laboratories in schools in the towns of Paravakar, Tavush, Aygedzor, Artsvaberd, and Movses, as well as in Berd City’s #3 school, are in progress. The laboratories will be also equipped with necessary equipment.

BCPP is a multidimensional FAR project addressing child poverty in the Province of Tavush, sponsored by the Edward and Helen Mardigian Foundation.