Six-months-old Alen, Ashot and Gohar cry for their mother with tears streaming down their cheeks. “Time to eat!” Hripsime Mayilyan exclaimed as she calmly prepared bottles for her hungry triplets.

“They like it,” said Hripsime of the Humana 1-brand powder milk as she mixed it with water. “But it’s very expensive and we couldn’t afford it before. We even thought of taking out a loan to buy it.” With three hungry infants, the family needs 60 containers of Humana 1 (two each day) every month to keep the little ones well fed. At $8 apiece, there was no way they could afford it over the long term.

As part of FAR’s Child Poverty Reduction Program, this year FAR’s Healthcare team approached and offered help to the eight most vulnerable families in the Aragatsotn Province, two of which, incredibly, have triplets. FAR has agreed to provide them each with 60 containers of powder milk per month until the babies can start on solid foods.

Born January 12th, Alen and Ashot and their sister Gohar, are the first triplet birth registered in Armenia this year. Hripsime is now known as the “hero mother” by others in her hometown of Tatul Village. “When I first learned I was having triplets during my sonogram at the hospital I smiled the whole way back home. They tripled our joy; we didn’t previously know such happiness,” she said.

The family of seven does not have their own property, or much help. Hripsime and her husband Kamo, 25, mainly subsist on the state poverty allowance and Kamo’s disability pension, along with that of his mother-in-law, which total about $150, but barely covers their daily needs, even before the triplets were born. (Kamo suffers from a growth hormone deficiency and is extraordinarily thin.) Kamo’s parents, Ashot, 56 and Gohar, 45, help with caring for the babies, despite Gohar’s difficulties walking. Kamo works as a trucker when he can get jobs, but doesn’t have a stable income, so FAR’s assistance is a great relief for them.

Hripsime said she’d always dreamed of having twins. She got more than she expected. “I am a happy mom now; our life has changed,” she said, beaming.