Ever since he was a child, Artashes Haroyan, 24, would break open old computers to explore their inner systems and then repair them once he was done. “Soon, our neighbors wanted to bring their laptops or computers to a ‘master’ to be fixed when they needed it,” said the recent Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech) graduate with a smile.

Artashes was one of the 30 GTech students who finished GTech’s Java Programming course in May.

Artashes graduated with a degree in IT from the National Polytechnic University of Armenia’s Gyumri Branch in 2014. He immediately then left for Russia for two years to work, before returning. “During those two years, I just realized there is no better place than my homeland,” he said.

The next step for Artashes was to learn Java Programming at GTech, an incredibly useful skill in his field.

“Throughout my studies, I had the privilege to learn from the best teacher, Karen Gasparyan, who I studied under at Polytechnic University. The knowledge and skills I’ve gained from my studies at GTech are invaluable,” said Artashes. “But it was a lot of hard work, too. It taught me that a person should never succumb to despair when they face challenges. In my opinion, the best qualities necessary for a successful IT expert is hard work and persistence.”

Currently, Artashes is a Junior Java Programmer at IP Space, a start-up based at Gyumri Technology Center, another local IT school.