Students of the Argavand Music School recently gave a great concert in honor of its 20th anniversary. The school, located in Ararat Province, was renovated four years ago with FAR’s help.

“The year 2014 brought new hope to our music school when Fund for Armenian Relief initiated its renovation, thanks to the generous support of Maestro Arsen Sayan,” said the school’s former principal Svetlana Simonyan during her celebratory speech. “Music education is a unique field of study that can very positively shape children’s tastes and personalities; our rebirth has enabled us to give even more children such an exceptional opportunity.”

She was right. More parents encouraged their children to study at Argavand following the school’s renovation. Since then, the number of students has roughly doubled from 50 to 100.

“The most difficult period was when we had only four classrooms and held classes and concerts in the same place. Now, thanks to Mr. Sayan and FAR’s formidable efforts, we have a nice, large hall where we can hold different trainings and concerts at one time,” Simonyan said.

Thirteen-year-old Angela Galoyan is one of the students who joined the school following the renovation. She has studied violin for the past three years. “The classes changed many things in me. I now love classical music and understand it as a way of educating and soothing one’s soul,” she said.

The concert’s repertoire encompassed the classical music of Gabriel Faure, Jerry Herman, Stepan Sukiasyan, Robert Petrosyan, Komitas, Aram Khachatryan and Arno Babajanyan, among others.

Stepan Sukiasyan, a lecturer at Yerevan State Conservatory After Komitas, was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere in the school, as well as the quality and taste of the music played during the concert. “I hope they will keep up this level of quality and continue working with the dedication that I witnessed here today,” said Sukiasyan.