It was 30 years ago today that a tragic, instantaneous incident permanently altered Armenia. The 1988 earthquake nearly leveled Gyumri and Spitak, killing thousands and destroying homes, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure. The devastation of an entire region of the country is still being felt today as nearly everyone in Armenia lost someone (or something) that horrible day.

Today, we take a moment to remember those who were lost.

Today, we also stand in solidarity with those who survived, many of whom are still struggling to regain their lives that were reduced, just as the region was, to rubble.

FAR was born from this tragedy. As the world rushed to respond, several members of the Armenian community also decided to create an organization that would bring ongoing humanitarian assistance. It was an event that sparked 30 years of change, of impact.

Today, FAR has evolved from an organization designed to provide emergency response to a leading, multi-faceted development NGO working diligently alongside Armenians to improve the country’s healthcare, education and economy.

We still work closely with the people of Gyumri to continue to transform their city from one marked by heartbreak to one that is rapidly leading the way in development.

That day in 1988 will never leave our collective memory and, with your help, we will continue our work to strengthen Armenia.

Thank you for standing with us.

From all of us at the Fund for Armenian Relief