Each year, FAR tries to make the holidays as joyful and smooth for as many people in Armenia as possible. Days ago, FAR helped to distribute food to low-income families and children in Lori Province, in partnership with the Lori-based NGO Center for Community Mobilization and Support.

Ninety-six needy families from the villages of Pushkino, Mikhaylova, Privolnoye, Yaghdan and Gyulagarak received 50-kilo packages of food rations, including flour, rice, oil, lentils, tomato paste and candy, among other items.

The sweets especially brought a smile to little Meri Khachatryan’s face.

“At this moment, this is a big support to my family, as we don’t have employment or state benefits,” noted her mother, 32-year-old Arevhat of Pushkino.

The assistance through ration boxes became possible thanks to donations from the Department of Christian Education and the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America. FAR partnered with Center for Community Mobilization and Support for the selection of goods and their distribution.

Vachagan Antonyan, 67, from Mikhaylova, who came to the distribution with his 4-year-old grandson also named Vachagan, reiterated the fact that people from rural communities are often left destitute because they have little to no access to certain necessities. “I used to work all my life; agriculture and animal husbandry traditionally have been the only opportunities for us here. However, you can’t afford much on such a living, and children often can’t have what they need or want. So, a big thank you to your patrons for making our day!”