Silva Karapetyan, 24, earned her bachelor’s degree in design from the Armenian National University of Architecture and Construction in 2018. Her studies were made possible through FAR’s Jerair Nishanian Scholarship Program.

“Jerair Nishanian is a unique person in my heart and in my memory. I won’t ever forget him,” said Silva. “My university life began thanks to Jerair Nishanian’s generous support. It was filled with many happy moments.”

Silva is pleased with her achievements, as well as with the knowledge and skills she acquired over the course of four years at college. During her senior year, she decided to design the interior of an apartment for physically disabled people consisting of nonstandard elements like convertible tables, beds and sofas. “I passed all my exams in May, then defended my thesis and got an excellent score. With high aspirations, I entered the next phase,” she recollected.

In 2017, Silva landed her first job as interior architect and designer at Unicus NTS. “The company provides clients with an opportunity to experience their future apartments in 3D; they can ‘walk in’ and enjoy future comfort. They can even open and close the doors of their rooms,” Silva said.

A few months later, Silva, who was searching for a higher salary, decided to also plunge herself into graphic design and marketing. Since March 2018, she has been working as a constructor-designer at GAT cutting, which is specialized in internal graphic design, construction and installation, large format printing, laser and fraser cuts, and 3D engraving. Silva has engrossed herself in this business and does her best to enrich her skills and develop new projects.

Silva tries to absorb everything around her; she likes reading, music and dance, which are all built into her daily routine. “Recently, I realized that I am good at writing poems. Now, I’m thinking about writing a series of poems,” she said.

Like many of our scholars, Silva is full of dreams and motivation, which will undoubtedly lead her to future success.