As the newly selected Chair of Gavar State University’s (GSU) Department of Informatics, Physics and Mathematical Sciences, 28-year-old Varazdat Avetisyan was inspired to achieve early on.

In 2007, he started at GSU’s Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering and earned his bachelor’s degree with honors in 2011 thanks to support from FAR’s Jerar Nishanian Scholarship Program. The scholarship, he said, became a source of positive drive in his life, and inspired him to immediately pursue his master’s degree, and then his PhD. Varazdat, who earned his PhD in 2016 from the Institute for Informatics and Automation Issues at the National Academy of Science, is the only Nishanian Scholarship recipient to have done so.

Varazdat has taught at the Department of Informatics, Physics and Mathematical Sciences at GSU since 2013. In 2015, he co-founded the Luseen Technologies Information Technology Center, and leads trainings there from time to time. Since 2017, he has also lectured at the Microsoft Imagine Academy at the National Polytechnic University of Armenia.

“I think the mission of the Chair is to prepare a competitive workforce who can meet the up-to-date requirements of the labor market,” said Varazdat, who highlighted the importance of continuous cooperation with other IT institutions and companies. “I will strengthen my efforts to do so.”

Varazdat is also a member of the GSU Scientific Council and an author of 10 scientific articles. He has participated in 15 international workshops and trainings in Italy, Germany, Austria, Sweden, England, Spain and Bulgaria. While in college, Varazdat twice received FAR’s honors certificate for students with impeccable grades. In 2011, he was given the “Best Student Award” from GSU and, two years later, the Best Student of Armenia Award from Armenia’s Ministry of Education. In 2014, the Armenian Student Association named him Student of the Year.

“A few years ago, my friends and I met Mr. Nishanian and his wife, Anahit, at GSU. Through our warm and candid talk, I saw that he was a very industrious, business-oriented and persistent person—and a big patriot. His characteristics have guided my behavior throughout my adult life and I do my best to prove that I received the Jerar Nishanian Scholarship for a reason,” Varazdat said.

The Jerar Nishanian Scholarship has supported about 1,000 students since 2002. The scholarship began as a form of support exclusively for GSU students. Since 2011, the Nishanian Scholarship has also supported students at the Armenian National Polytechnic University and the National University of Architecture and Construction.