Ayo! has just launched its latest initiative. Aimed at breathing some life back into one of Yerevan’s most historic and ancient neighborhoods, Kond that was, Kond to be, will support one local artist’s plan for revitalization.

Over the course of 2,800 years, Yerevan, a city that’s older than Rome, has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times. Yet, Kond, a small district perched on a hill that overlooks the city center, has maintained its unique Armenian character throughout the centuries. Its old houses and cultural buildings sit along the winding medieval streets that still enrich the area with historic charm.

Unfortunately, over the years, Kond has also been neglected, overlooked by the modernity that has come to Yerevan during recent years. At one point the neighborhood was slated for total demolition. As a result, no significant funds have been invested in this area since Armenia’s independence. Buildings have started to crumble, and most of the locals live without basic amenities, like indoor plumbing.

Thankfully, this historic area has remained intact enough for a new generation of Armenians to rediscover it. Local artist Sergey Navasardyan has done just that. His #YerevanTropics initiative aims to repaint some of Kond’s most desolate concrete walls with unique street art.

Sergey will enlist the help of five local painters, as well as two international street artists, to enrich the style of the project. Their work will help draw greater positive attention to this neighborhood, and will contribute to diminishing Kond’s reputation as a seedy area into one with more cultural potential. With the goal of attracting avant-garde art connoisseurs and tourists alike to the community, this project is part of a broader initiative to spotlight this enclave’s need for revitalization and further investment.

Where there are people, there is infrastructure: trendy cafés, cultural institutions and more are known to expand in up and coming neighborhoods. Located so close to the city center, it’s not hard to imagine how an inflow of foot traffic could better anchor this forgotten community to the heart of the city.

Donating to this project will help support Sergey’s efforts to secure participation of the other artists for this project.

With your help, Kond will become Yerevan’s next visitor attraction.

Kond that was, Kond to be from Ayo! on Vimeo.