Liparit Ghazaryan, 24, is pursuing a master’s degree in political science at Yerevan State University (YSU), which was made possible through FAR’s Armine and Karapet Zambak Scholarship Program.

The scholarship is one of the few we have specifically for graduate students.

Liparit focuses on the South Caucasus region, which he first became interested in during his undergrad years. After earning his bachelor’s in international relations from YSU and fulfilling his two years of military service, he decided to continue his studies in political science, and specifically focus on the ties between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

“The Zambak Scholarship has contributed to my education immensely. It makes you responsible for your education, your self-development. You start validating your efforts and doing your best to give back in the future, and by setting an example for others to do the same,” said Liparit, who hopes to eventually become an analyst on the region for a think-tank.

Growing up in a large family, Liparit, and his twin brother, Lendo, had a very active childhood in his village of Hushakert in Armavir Province. They have an older brother Davit, 32, and sister, Tatevik, 30.

As a child, Liparit wanted to be a doctor just like his mother, Ruzanna, a general practitioner, and, Tatevik, a gynecologist. “But there are too many doctors in the family already. So, I stopped at political science. After earning my bachelor’s and before starting my master’s, I went into the army, which shaped my thinking a lot,” he said. “I revisited my ideas about the homeland and what should be done for its protection.”

Liparit was recently named YSU’s Student of the Year for 2019.

In addition to his studies, Liparit, together with three friends, have established the Military Training Club After Leonid Azgaldyan at YSU, which helps students to gain in-depth knowledge about military activities, regional relations, the Azeri language, etc. For the last three years, Liparit has also initiated recreational soccer matches between students from different universities to raise money for active-duty soldiers.