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[Child Protection]: Summer Retreat Helps Kids from Mardigian Child Protection Center image

For 19-year-old Anahit Abrahamyan, a FAR Mardigian Scholarship student from Berd, volunteering to help out during a three-day summer retreat for children in need offered her a chance to not only build her skills as a social worker in training, but also gave her the chance to challenge herself in a new role as a team leader.

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[FAR Scholarships]: FAR’s Zambak Scholarship Helps to Encourage Responsibility and Self-Development image

Liparit focuses on the South Caucasus region, which he first became interested in during his undergrad years. After earning his bachelor’s in international relations from YSU and fulfilling his two years of military service, he decided to continue his studies in political science, and specifically focus on the ties between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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[FAR Scholarships]: How a FAR Scholarship Taught One Young Man to Persist and Persevere image

A few years ago, my friends and I met Mr. Nishanian and his wife, Anahit, at GSU. Through our warm and candid talk, I saw that he was a very industrious, business-oriented and persistent person—and a big patriot. His characteristics have guided my behavior throughout my adult life and I do my best to prove that I received the Jerar Nishanian Scholarship for a reason

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