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[FAR Schools]: Music School’s Year-End Concert Celebrates Student Success image

One hundred students attend the Argavand School and their annual concert usually brings together the best of them—the choirs consisting of younger singers and solo performers, as well as students of piano, violin, guitar and accordion who play works by Komitas, Aram Khachaturian, Aleksandr Spendiaryan, Arno Babajanyan, Robert Petrosyan, Gabriel Faure, Dmitri Kabalevsky and Vladimir Shainsky, among others.

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[FAR Schools]: Musicians Ian Gillan and Tommy Iommi, Supporters of Octet Music School’s Renovation, Return for a Visit image

The school was all but destroyed during the 1988 earthquake and, until recently, students had to continue to carry out their lessons in temporary containers. After seeing these substandard conditions, Dee and his organization, Do Something, decided to join forces with the musicians to raise money and build a new school.

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