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[Gtech]: GTech Community Welcomes Comcast’s Dr. Raffi Shekooian image

Dr. Shekookian’s audience in Gyumri included GTech graduates and professors. They had come to hear the principal engineer of Comcast – one of the largest broadcasting and cable television corporations in the world and a prominent IT think tank. The lectures were organized and supported by the New York-based organization the Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America, Inc. (AESA).

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[GTech]: Friday Tech Talks at GTech Inspire IT Students image

For the 4th week in a row now Fridays have gotten a whole lot more interesting at GTech. Since September 9th, “Tech Fridays” have been host to some of the most successful representatives in Armenia's IT sphere. Speakers talk about current technological challenges in Armenia. They brainstorm possible solutions, and they share their own stories of failure and success.

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[GTech]: IT Training Course Provides Opportunity to More than 500 Armenian Youth image

Hundreds of young people had a chance to better their future career paths over the course of the past year thanks to the efforts of some leading companies in Armenia's IT sphere, FAR, and some other charitable organizations. Three hundred forty-five young people from Gyumri and 285 from Vanadzor took part in mobile, web and computer engineering courses completely free of charge and gained practical skills in programming through FAR’s Trainings for Gyumri and Vanadzor Technology Centers Program.

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[GTech Business Channel]: Growing the IT Sphere in Nagorno-Karabakh image

In less than a year since it was established GTech Solutions LLC has already achieved some victories. One of its great partnerships of 2015 was with Artsakh State University of Nagorno-Karabakh, where GTech Solutions specialists now teach at the school’s Faculty of Information Technologies. In addition, students who study in the program also receive scholarships thanks to partial funding from the Armenian Educational Foundation, with which GTech has had a seven-year cooperation. More than 50 students started studying web programming in the program in May 2015, including database, software design, web design, planning and testing design. GTech Solutions Manager Karen Nikoghosyan, who is also involved in the program as trainer, said the program emphasizes practical work to try to support ...

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[GTech]: Providing Support to Young Entrepreneurs image

As IT education and entrepreneurship opportunities move from Yerevan to smaller cities, GTech continues to prove itself as one of the leaders in this area. One of the last events held during 2015 was a day-long workshop with visiting students from Vanadzor Technologies Center (VTC) at Gyumri Technology Center (GTC). Prior to the meeting, VTC students had visited GTC’s business centers to come up with their own ideas for new start-ups. So once at the workshop they, along with the help and guidance of GTC and GTech supervisors, would be able to work on developing those ideas, structuring business plans, and drawing up further implementation strategies. Students even decided on the mobile application tools and software devices needed for project ...

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[GTech]: “We Will Turn Gyumri into Armenia’s Silicon Valley” standard

It was just a few weeks ago that 25 young, energetic graduates of Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech) proudly received certificates of completion, their faces aglow with hope for a promising future in one of the most quickly growing employment sectors of Armenia. The day was a celebration for both the school and its students as this particular class’ graduation also marked 10 years of GTech, which has turned out nearly 300 graduates over the past decade, 95% of whom are currently employed in the field of IT. Twenty-eight-year-old graduate Gayane Poghosyan spent two years studying computer programming at GTech. “I am so happy that I will be working in IT from now on and I am more than confident ...

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