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[FAR Education]: 23 New Future Leaders of Armenia standard

In the past weeks, The FAR Educational Council members have visited the homes of 52 applicants of the Anoosh Mathevosian scholarship program. The home visits are a part of the evaluation process to determine each applicant’s need and social conditions. During the visits, the Educational Council witnessed tough living conditions of students that are clearly struggling to make ends meet. Upon graduating from school this past spring, the dream is to continue their education in Armenia, but their families lack the financial means to make their dreams come true. Moreover, this year was especially difficult for those wishing to study in universities, as tuition fees have increased by $200-380, a significant amount for most Armenian families. Following the home visits ...

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[Science and Education]: Astronomy Quest standard

Who of us as a child did not dream of exploring space and studying the birth, life and death of stars and galaxies? Who didn’t dream of becoming an astronaut? Most likely, we all did. Since last November, schoolchildren of Armenia and Karabagh have had the opportunity to study these subjects through a cognitive series of lectures that astrophysicist Dr. Areg Mickaelian regularly organizes for them at their schools. The program is called the Armenian Astronomical Society School Lectures, which were developed and sponsored by Dr. Yervant Terzian, the founder of ANSEF. An ANSEF grantee himself, Dr. Mickaelian developed his idea of wanting to educate children into a simple but insightful course on astrophysics for the students of certain schools, ...

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[Science and Education]: Towards a More Effective Use of Water Resources standard

A group of ANSEF Research Award-winning researchers has recently carried  out a comprehensive investigation in the water basin of Lake Sevan which holds more than 80% of water resources in Armenia. They state that nowadays, Sevan faces an unsteady ecological situation. The aim of the research project was to study groups of interacting organisms that live in a particular habitat and form an ecological community (biocenosis) formed in the flooded territory of the lake. Human intervention has dramatically changed the ecosystem of Lake Sevan. Overexploitation of its water resources in the Soviet era for the Sevan-Hrazdan hydro-power cascade and irrigation projects have resulted in the decrease of the lake level by about 20 meters. As a result, some hydro-biological changes ...

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[Science and Education]: The Flip Side of a Girl from the Bronx standard

Margaret Ajemian Ahnert: writer, traveler, artist, and benefactor whose humanitarian lifestyle has impacted a great number of people in the most different ways. Founder of FAR’s Ester Ajemian Scholarship Program she is eager to expand support and enable more young Armenians to have access to higher education. Click on this link to read Ms. Ajemian Ahnert’s interview with the Armenian Weekly which reveals her spiritual attachment and dedication to Armenia.  

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