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[FAR Partnerships; FAR Health Programs]: FAR’s Support Enables More Children to Attend Summer Camp image

This year, FAR started supporting the Aparan Summer Resort Camp with the help of the SJS Foundation, and as a result the summer camp was able to expand its capacity by hosting 10 additional children, and 130 in total. FAR also provided additional resources to the camp’s game store and library.

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[FAR Friends]: A Look at Two Very Valuable Members of the FAR Family standard

Adam Rosenblatt and Tatevik Khoja-Eynaotyan are an amazing couple. They exude the qualities we all hope to possess: kindness and warmth, intellect and determination. Both musicians by trade, they selflessly give of their time and share their knowledge with others, particularly those most in need. Tatevik first got involved with FAR in 2011 as a Birthright Armenia volunteer in Yerevan when she helped out at several FAR projects, including our soup kitchens and the FAR Children’s Center. What was supposed to be a few months of volunteering turned out to be the start of a journey. The following year Tatevik spent several months working as FAR`s communications intern before becoming Communications Officer. She also brought her husband Adam along for ...

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Charitable Trust for Vulnerable Children Established in Memory of Ralph Rafi Hovnanian standard

In 2009, UNICEF defined child poverty as “one of the most acute manifestations of human poverty”. In Armenia, it is one of the most critical problems facing a large portion of the younger generation, particularly in rural areas. Growing up in poverty can lead to malnourishment, it can hinder a child`s development, and it may typically lead to life-long problems. In the wake of UNICEF`s disturbing report, FAR launched the Ararat Child Poverty Reduction Program in 2013 to decrease Armenia`s child poverty rate. Its success has been made possible by FAR supporter Arpine Hovnanian of Evanston, Illinois. Through the provision of targeted assistance to children and their families who are at risk, the program links its beneficiaries with the services ...

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[Economic Development]: Witnessing the Support that Changes Communities standard

Visits from our supporters are always excellent opportunities to witness progress in the field. This summer the FAR Armenia team welcomed loyal donors Hratch and Susanne Toufayan along with their son Greg, who is a member of FAR’s Board of Directors. They started their trip with a visit to Zangakatun in Ararat Province, where Hratch and Susanne were able to see the final improvements made to the town’s kindergarten. Thanks to their generous support, the kindergarten has been undergoing renovations since 2011 and now has a revamped interior, roof and an energy efficient structure, along with a new outdoor playground. Their visit turned into a real celebration for the village as it was a great chance for kindergarten kids, their ...

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[FAR Schools]: Students to Give Unique Musical Performance Throughout Armenia standard

The Aram Khachaturian Music School in Kotayk Province recently hosted students from Gyumri’s Octet Music School who performed a concert dedicated to the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. The students specially prepared the concert lineup. Songs like Part I of Khachatur Avetisyan’s Oratorio, which was written about the genocide, were featured, along with works by classical composers such as Aram Khachaturian, Dmitri Shostakovich, Arno Babajanyan and Robert Amirkhanyan. In addition, jazz performances and Armenian minstrel songs were included. The students had previously performed Oratorio for visitors in Gyumri. “Today’s program is more extensive,” said Teaching Department Head Siranush Melikyan. “We decided to include works of multiple genres in order to come up with a better concert, which would be a ...

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A Life Transformed by Support and Educational Opportunity standard

By Eduard Karapetyan Alexander Nefedov’s parents abandoned him at such a young age that Gavar Orphanage became his childhood home. Despite a difficult upbringing where he battled loneliness and often felt like an outsider, Alexander managed to maintain his kindness and foster his generous spirit. FAR’s educational programs team who frequently visited Gavar to work with older orphans also took notice of Alexander’snatural curiosity and love of expressing himself through painting early on in his teenage years. At 17, he was eventually awarded a scholarship for FAR’s Gulamerian Vocational Training and Education Program, which provided him tuition and a stipend to go to get his degree. FAR’s investment in his education has paid huge dividends. Alexander graduated Yerevan State Academy ...

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[Armenian Archaeology]: Uncovering Armenia’s Past in Tigranakert. standard

Excavations and findings from the mountainous Tigranakert are now on display at the archaeological museum in Aghdam. The city of Tigranakert was an ancient Armenian territory built on the landing of today’s mountainous Karabakh under the rule of King Tigran the Great in the 1st century B.C. It was once part of the Armenian empire and competed with Rome for political strength. The city now lies in the abandoned and disputed buffer zones of Karabakh, near the borders of Azerbejian. Findings heighten today’s tensions over historical possession of the territory between Armenians and Azerbaijanis. With modern politics coming into play, the ruins of Tigranakert remain as a testament to the strong Armenian presence in the area. FAR intern Samantha with the ruins of Tigranakert ...

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