CASP – Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program

Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP)


CASP aims to promote the eradication of child poverty in Armenia.


  • To better the social situation of vulnerable families in Armenia and the Javakhk region of Georgia
  • To reduce the deprivation of basic rights for children due to family poverty

Types of Services

  • Provision of financial aid in the form of a stipend for orphaned children and those from low-income single-mother households in the Shirak, Syunik and Berd regions; Yerevan and its surroundings; and the Javakhk region of Georgia
  • Provision of nutritious meals to three kindergartens in the border region of Berd

Inception Date

Eduard Karapetyan, FAR Education and Science Programs Coordinator

Average Annual budget


  • Local parishes
  • Local and regional social security administration

Number of Beneficiaries (last 3 years)

  • 75 children at the 3 kindergartens during the last three years
  • 1180 children in 2011
  • 1099 children in 2012
  • 982 children in 2013

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