Carving out educational opportunity for Armenia’s youth is an integral part of FAR’s mission. Since the 1990s, FAR has taken significant steps to invest in Armenian education at all levels. Its efforts in the construction and renovation of more than 10 schools has helped to combat a high drop out rate and provided more opportunity for students. Also, with the escalating cost of both public and private universities, many students are unable to move on to higher education.

FAR provides myriad scholarship programs to help hundreds of young Armenians attend university and vocational training programs each year. This has transformed lives and has helped to lay the foundation for a sustainable knowledge-based economy in a country where the educational system has been plagued with budget shortfalls and lack of public funding. Almost 25 percent of students do not reach high school, and children with disabilities have limited access to basic education. By investing in these major programs, FAR provides not only opportunity for individuals to enrich their lives, but also strengthens Armenian society as a whole.

Since 1999, ANSEF has enabled scientists, engineers and artists to pursue cutting edge research by providing $5,000 grants to a select number of those whose findings contribute to innovation. More than $1.5 million in grants has fueled more than 230 independent projects thus far, enabling many to pursue cutting edge work in the natural and social sciences, engineering, the humanities, and further contribute to the growth of a knowledge-based economy.

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