The aim of this program is to strengthen the educated populace of Armenia by ensuring improved and equitable access to education and training.


  • To provide students with excellent academic records but few means with financial support needed to continue their higher education.
  • To facilitate networking opportunities between outstanding students and program alumni
  • To instill in these young Armenians a sense of philanthropy and social service.

Types of Services

  • Tuition coverage and living stipends for undergraduate and graduate studies for students who are qualified to attend the following institutions:
    • Armenian State Engineering University
    • Armenian State University of Architecture and Construction
    • Armenian State University of Economics
    • Gavar State University
    • State Agrarian Academy
    • State Pedagogical University
    • Yerevan State Conservatory
    • Yerevan State University
  • Opportunities to attend events that familiarize students with job market trends
  • Organized civic participation and social service events
  • Organization of civic actions with scholars’ participation

Inception Date

Edward Karapetyan, FAR Education and Science Program Coordinator

Average Annual Budget


    FAR’s many partners make it possible for FAR to carry out the following scholarship programs:

  • A. Berberian Scholarship Program
  • Armine and Garabed Zambak Scholarship Program
  • Avetis and Arsho Baghsarian Scholarship Program
  • Daughters of Vardan Scholarship Program
  • Ester Ajemian Scholarship Program
  • Jerar Nishanian Scholarship Program
  • Mardigian Scholarship Program
  • Mathevosian Scholarship Program
  • Philadelphia Scholarship Program
  • Sayan Scholarship Program
  • Thomas Garapetian Scholarship Program
  • Toufayan Scholarship Program

Number of Beneficiaries

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