Get Your Parish Involved

In an effort to encourage more of our parishes to use FAR as the vehicle to realize their own dreams for our homeland, FAR has launched the FAR Parishes Initiative.

FAR was formed in the aftermath of the 1988 earthquake in Armenia. Its mission, the mission of the Diocese of the Armenian Church, was to organize and direct the tremendous outpouring of goodwill that came in the form of funds, in-kind donations and human resources. Today, we take great pride in FAR’s 25-year record of service and achievement. We want to let you, our parishes, know that FAR’s successes are your successes; By representing the Diocese in Armenia, FAR is representing everyone in our local parishes.

FAR is the agency of choice for the U.S. government’s development aid to Armenia. Please make FAR the agency of choice when your parish seeks to help the people of Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Javakhk. Your church can be a leader in helping those most in need to overcome adversity and realize their potential, ultimately strengthening their nation.

FAR can be your bridge. As your parish changes lives, your congregation will be transformed as well.

Start now. Send us an email  or call us at (212) 889-5150 and partner with a community in Armenia today.

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