FAR’s commitment to excellent medical care in Armenia has been a priority since its inception. To improve quality of life for all Armenians, much of FAR’s work in this area supports the reconstruction of a system that previously guaranteed everyone free and adequate medical care but disintegrated after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Today most doctors and healthcare workers are largely unable to afford the training they need to stay abreast of the latest methodologies and technologies in the field. In addition, they are constantly faced with a shortage of equipment and supplies. When possible, FAR distributes supplies to their hospitals and medical centers across Armenia.

Through its Continuing Medical Education Program (CME), FAR organizes free trainings in Yerevan for doctors from rural regions, Nagorno-Karabagh and the Javakhk Region of Georgia on the latest techniques. CME also gives doctors the opportunity to connect with resources and ongoing support from their colleagues in the capital once they return to their home regions. In addition, through CME FAR arranges various seminars and workshops year-round through which those in the CME network can continually participate and benefit.

FAR’s other healthcare initiatives include the childhood malnutrition component of its Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program: Developing Thriving Communities, implemented in Armenia’s Tavush Region, and the Project to Reduce Childhood Poverty in the Ararat Region. Both projects focus on improved access to medical care and proper nutrition.

FAR supports the National Medical Library (NML) in Yerevan, which offers medical professionals the opportunity to keep up to date on advances in the field through access to the latest publications and technologies.

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