Grants and Partnerships

FAR’s support to the medical community reaches beyond CME, where it works to improve healthcare through its support of and in solidarity with local and international partners.

Beginning in 2003, the FAR Fellowship Alumni Association (FARFAA) brought the Salzburg International Medical Seminars, a program of the American Austrian Foundation, to Armenia. The Salzburg seminars is the largest educational program for doctors in Central and Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet republics. FARFAA coordinates the recruitment of seven Armenian doctors each year to participate, who then become trainers and mentors for FAR’s Continuing Medical Education Program (CME).

In 2007, FAR started a pilot program with Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU) with the goal of providing scholarships to YSMU graduates who wish to specialize during their clinical residency. Upon graduation, scholarship recipients complete the mandatory work of their specialization at one of Armenia’s provincial hospitals within three to five years. YSMU graduates have received scholarships to specialize in gynecology, microsurgery, oncology and cardiology.

FAR’s support of the National Medical Library in Yerevan offers medical professionals the opportunity to keep up to date on advances in the field through access to the latest publications and technologies. The library is a particularly valuable resource for CME participants and alumni.

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