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There is much work to be done from educating the next generation to rebuilding schools, supporting scientific research, improving medical care and offering sustenance to those who can’t afford it. Help to preserve and enrich our culture and encourage the next generation of the diaspora to build the dream.

“Whether in the diaspora or in the homeland, we are all Armenians. We have a common faith, culture and history. Through the generations, even with other influences, what unites us all is our shared heritage. We are all proud to be Armenian. We are all deeply connected – as Armenians, we are family. And as an Armenian family, we have a duty to help the members of our family in the struggling Homeland. It is a duty, an obligation. An obligation as a choice, a choice you make for the people you love.”

-Garnik Nanagoulian, Executive Director of FAR

Together we can partner toward realizing the dream of a free, democratic, prosperous and culturally rich Armenian Homeland. This is our Homeland – Our Armenia.

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