Soup Kitchens

Soup Kitchens


The goal of the Soup Kitchen project is to ensure the elderly and other disadvantaged people lead dignified lives by preventing their segregation from society.


  • To meet the basic nutritional needs of the elderly and disadvantaged families
  • To share social responsibility with other stakeholders in meeting the basic needs of the poor
  • To help ease the social tension within beneficiary families

Types of Service

  • Daily nutritious meal for the elderly and disadvantaged families
  • Providing clothes and supplies for hygiene when needed

Inception Date



Rafik Martirosyan, FAR Soup Kitchen Program Coordinator

Average Annual budget



  • Bay Area Friends of Armenia
  • United Armenia Fund
  • United Methodist Committee on Relief
  • Local government bodies in Yerevan and regions

Number of Beneficiaries (last 3 years)

  • 657 in 2011
  • 651 in 2012
  • 665 in 2013

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